Powering the new Blockchain
Network Infrastructure
Splend solves the blockchain limitations
For the blockchain
revolution to occur, some
major issues need to be solved:
Transaction speed and latency
Transaction cost
Security and transparency
Integrated Blockchain Architecture™ by
Splend is the solution
Splend offers a systems approach with a groundbreaking blockchain technology called Integrated Blockchain Architecture™ (IBA™). IBA™ allows partitioning or scaling the blockchain’s functionality between software and hardware components to ultimately solve existing bottlenecks. IBA™ is capable of scaling to billions of users worldwide while guaranteeing almost instantaneous transaction speed to achieve the optimal user experience.
IBA™ is Splend's scalable technology platform for the new Blockchain network enabling P2P decentralized application users to instantaneously perform any transactions anywhere in the world.
First implementation is already here
Meet first implementations of IBA™ for the Financial Market
With an initial focus on Financial Services, Splend has crafted and made available now the Universal CryptoWALLET™ (UCW™) application. In addition to its unprecedented speed, UCW™ provides a 12-layer security shield against any malicious attempts. It allows users to access digital currencies and perform near-instant, inexpensive and secure transactions.
Download Splend Universal CryptoWALLET™ here:
Splend is well ahead of the competition
Unprecedented Speed
Powered by the IBA™ Flash Network, a disruptive technology which drastically reduces transaction settlement time, Splend enables unprecedented, near-instant crypto transactions.
Zero Fee Services
Splend will be offering many zero fee services, including merchant payment, crypto transfer, auto payment, loans less than $1,000 USD in crypto value, virtual card issuance, and foreign exchange fees.
Uncompromised Security
The Splend Universal CryptoWALLET™ is the most secure crypto wallet available on the market, providing a 12-layer security shield against any malicious attempts. Splend’s fully reliable and phishing-proof blockchain network enables a worry-free personal finance experience.
Complete One-Stop Solution
Splend enables anyone to access digital currencies from anywhere in the world, from a mobile phone or desktop. Splend's comprehensive solution offers cross-platform functionalities to send cryptocurrency quickly and easily through Splend's CryptoWALLET™ and IBA™ Telegram bot. Splend provides cross-platform and multi-language support and is fully compatible with iOS, Android, web browsers, Wechat, and Telegram.
Splend is on a fast track to achieve its goals
IBA™ Technology Roadmap
Develop IBA™ 1.0
Q2 2018
Develop IBA™ 3.0
Q3 2020
Develop Flash
Q1 2017
Develop IBA™ 2.0
Q3 2019
Product Roadmap
Develop Flash
Q1 2017
Develop IBA™
2.0 Technology
Q3 2019
Develop IBA™
1.0 Technology
Q2 2018
Develop IBA™
3.0 Technology
Q3 2020
Product Roadmap
Develop Universal CryptoWALLET™ (UCW™)
Q2 2017
Develop Splend IBA™ Telegram Bot
Q1 2018
Launch Universal CryptoWALLET™ (UCW™) and IBA™ Telegram Bot
Q3 2018
Form partnerships with merchants
Develop CryptoDEBIT™ Card and CryptoLEND™ modules
Q1 2019
Launch CryptoDEBIT™ Card module
Beta test
CryptoLEND™ module
Q3 2019
Develop 3 CryptoSEND™ modules: CryptoMERCHANTPAY™ CryptoTRANSFER™ and CryptoAUTOPAY™ on desktop and mobile apps
Q4 2017
Test Universal CryptoWALLET™ (UCW™) and 3 CryptoSEND™ modules.
Q2 2018
Launch CryptoTRANSFER™
Seek compliances, licenses and form partnerships
Q4 2018
Launch CryptoAUTOPAY™
Beta test CryptoDEBIT™ Card module
Q2 2019
Launch CryptoLEND™
Q4 2019
Our Team
Splend is led by a successful serial entrepreneur and 25-year veteran of the tech industry in Silicon Valley. The team has proven core competencies in decentralized P2P blockchain protocols and algorithms, complex network processing hardware, and software coupled with system-on-a-chip expertise. Splend’s IBA™ platform draws upon three decades of experience in solving similar problems during the past technology revolutions, i.e. Computer and Internet.
Meet The Advisors
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